Winter Birds and Squirrels

Winter Birds Here!

Just as some birds have headed south, others have arrived from the north! These birds head to Iowa to take advantage of our "warm" winters and include juncos, red-breasted nuthatches, tree sparrows, pine siskins, redpolls, and even snowy owls. Juncos are quite common throughout the winter, but populations of the others vary depending upon the weather up north. Although a few will always straggle down, harsh winter weather further north may lead to an irruption--a large influx of winter birds. In fact, it looks like an irruption year for snowy owls. So, keep your eyes open this winter!

Squirrel Nests

This winter, be sure to look up. You'll most likely see large, leafy nests high up in the trees. Those are squirrel nests and the squirrels will spend a lot of time in them over the winter! Some squirrels will spend much of the winter in tree cavities, but others will spend those cold, snowy months in their leafy nests.