Geocaching is fast becoming a very popular sport! It combines high-tech gadgets with outdoor adventure to produce a fun, family-oriented scavenger hunt. It's a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and get a little exercise at the same time.
The WCCB does allow geocaching and, currently, there are eleven caches hidden in WCCB areas! To find these caches, you need to get the coordinates from, then use a GPS unit to track them down! If you would like to place a geocache on a WCCB-owned area, just contact us with the coordinates. Assuming there are no conflicts with the site you've chosen, we will grant you permission to place your geocache and we will list it here on our web site. Thanks for playing!

The caches that are permitted to be on WCCB property, and their links, are:
Thorpe Park
Enjoy the View!
Dahle Park
Hand on Hogsback
Hang on Tweedy
Cache Settlement
Magnetic Board
Lande 2
I Love Lucy
Winding Winnebago Water Trail

Please use Covid precautions when geocaching by using hand sanitizer before and after handling a geocache. Thank you!