How many campsites do you have?
          We have 15 campsites at Thorpe Park and 8 sites at Dahle Park.

How much does camping cost?
          The electrical/water sites at Thorpe Park cost $12/night, while the primitive, tent-only sites are $8/night. All Dahle Park sites are $10/night.

Can I reserve a campsite?
          Unfortunately, all our campsites are only available on a first-come, first-served basis. But, our campgrounds rarely fill up, so it’s usually pretty easy to find a site.

What amenities do you have at your campgrounds?
          Thirteen of the sites at Thorpe Park have both electrical and water hookups, while the Dahle Park sites have electrical hookups only. Each campground also has a water spigot and pit toilets. Neither campground has flush toilets, showers, or a dump station. We sometimes have free firewood available, although it is recommended that campers bring their own. All firewood must come from within Winnebago County.

How can I reserve the Lake Catherine Cabin?
          You can check out the calendar on our homepage to find out which dates are open. Then, you can reserve dates by using the “Reserve Cabin Now” button. We will contact you to confirm your reservation and you will then have two weeks to send in your Cabin Rental Agreement (also available on the homepage), along with your cabin rental fee. You can pay either by check or by credit/debit card. (Credit/debit card convenience fees will apply.) Once we receive those, we will contact you with your door code for the cabin. You are then good to go!

How much does the Lake Catherine Cabin cost?
          Weeknights (Sunday through Thursday) are $61.00, while Friday and Saturday nights cost $77.00. We usually require a two-night stay on weekends (both Friday and Saturday nights) during the summer months.

Do you allow pets or smoking in the Lake Catherine Cabin?
          Unfortunately, we do not allow pets or smoking in the cabin. Alcohol is allowed, although keg beer is not.

How can I book a program for my group?
        If you have a group that would like a naturalist program, just contact our office and we can arrange something! A list of available programs is listed on our Environmental Education page under the Other Services tab. Although that is a listing of available school programs, those programs can also be presented to other groups, as well.

Do you have planting equipment that I can rent?
        We do have several grass drills and tree planters available for rent. Check out our Available Equipment page under our Other Services tab to see what is available and how much rental costs are.

What should I do with the “orphaned” animal or bird that I found?
        Unless you are certain that an animal or bird is injured or in imminent danger, the best thing to do is leave it alone! Most “orphaned” babies are not orphaned at all; their parents are usually around watching over their youngsters. Baby animals and birds do not have “babysitters” and are often left alone while their parents are looking for food to bring back. Raising a wild baby is very difficult and requires a lot of work and expertise; so unless a baby animal or baby bird is injured, it usually has a much better chance of survival when it is raised by its own parents.

Do you hire seasonal employees?
        Yes, we do! Each summer we hire a few seasonal employees to help with park maintenance or to drive a spray truck. If you’d like to apply for a summer position, simply fill out this employment application and send it off to us, either through the mail or electronically. If you’d like more information about the jobs that are available, you can contact WCCB Director Robert Schwartz at rschwartz@winnebagoccb.com.