Author: Lisa Ralls

Listen for Chorus Frogs!

Believe it or not, Chorus Frogs begin singing in March as soon as the snow begins to melt! They can usually be heard in fields where there are wet areas of snowmelt. They are tiny little frogs (less than 2″ long), but produce a mighty loud song that sounds like someone running their fingers along … [Read More]

Check Out the Goldfinches

Goldfinches Are Changing Colors!Look closely at those little brown birds at your feeders. Do some of them have little patches of yellow? Then, those are actually male goldfinches once again … [Read More]

Winter Birds and Squirrels

Just as some birds have headed south, others have arrived from the north! These birds head to Iowa to take advantage of our "warm" winters and include juncos, red-breasted nuthatches, … [Read More]