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WCCB Contact Information:

34496 110th Avenue
Forest City, IA 50436

Phone: 641-565-3390
Toll-Free: 888-841-8580

[Please do not call us if you need information about rural recycling. Instead, call Waste Management at 800-247-1012. Thank you!]

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General Downloads:

WCCB brochure

Winnebago River Water Trail brochure

Permit application for the Holland Youth Hunting Area

Map to Thorpe Park

Northland Nature Trail guide (Thorpe Park)

No Spray Request agreement

No Spray section map

Young Naturalist Backpack flyer

Lake Catherine Cabin Information:

Lake Catherine Cabin brochure

Available dates at the Lake Catherine Cabin
Our cabin calendar is temporarily down. Please call for available dates. Thank you.

Lake Catherine Cabin reservation form

    geocaching logo
There are 10 permitted geocaches hidden on WCCB areas!
Check out these geocaches by clicking on the links on our Environmental Education or Parks and Wildlife Areas pages!

School and Group Presentations

The following programs are available for group presentations. Some are designed for elementary children, while others are designed for middle and high school students. Most can be adapted for any age, including adults! Other programs can also be given upon request. Please feel free to inquire about any of these programs or about our extensive video library!

Programs for Elementary Students:
Animal Adaptations and Defenses
Animal Tracks and Signs
Discovering Insects
Winter Bird Feeding
Winter Wildlife

Programs for Middle and High School Students:
Basic Canoeing
Composting--Nature's Recycling
Conservation Careers
Earth Day
Groundwater Detectives
Iowa Wetlands
Journey to the Stars
My Side of the Mountain
The Navigation Stars of Lewis and Clark
Rain Gardens
Space Food
Tree Ring Mysteries
Tropical Rainforests
Water Quality Critters
Wildlife Populations

Programs that can be adapted for any grade level:
Birds of Prey
Eagles in Iowa
Fishing Fun
Freshwater Animals

Iowa Mammals
Iowa Wildflowers

Lewis and Clark's Discoveries
Monarch Magic

Native Americans
Owls--Predators of the Night
Prairie Life
Recycling and Waste Reduction
The Star Lab
Tree Detectives

Turkey Talk
A Virtual Tour Through the Solar System

Field Trips

The WCCB also sponsors field trips to the following locations. These trips provide fun and educational learning experiences for your students. The activities for each trip will be customized, depending upon your wishes, the size and grade level of your class, and the length of time involved. Click on a location to learn more about it!

The Lime Creek Nature Center, Mason City
Wooded trails, a prairie, a pond, and a wonderful nature center all provide countless opportunities for your students to explore and discover the natural world of north Iowa!

Thorpe Park, west of Forest City
Many activities can be enjoyed from the shelterhouse, along the scenic marsh trail, at Lake Catherine, and throughout the park's prairie areas.

Pilot Knob State Park, east of Forest City
The park offers a pond and excellent wooded trails for various outdoor activities!

The Rockford Fossil and Prairie Park, west of Rockford
Students can hunt for 400-million-year-old fossils, then walk through a wonderfully-restored prairie. The visitor center contains many excellent exhibits demonstrating how the area's land use has changed.

Smith Lake and the Water's Edge Nature Center, north of Algona

Smith Lake itself provides many recreational activities and the area also contains some nice trails. In addition, the new nature center adds to the possibilities!

Union Slough National Wildlife Refuge, east of Bancroft
A bus tour through or around the refuge can give your entire class the chance to view many of north Iowa's native species, as well as many migrating birds. And a boardwalk gets your class right down to the water!

Notice: If you would like a copy of our Environmental Education Services booklet that lists the above services, along with other services we offer to schools, you can download it here. Or, you can contact us to have a paper copy sent to you. Although the guide is designed to be used by school groups, it can also be used by youth and civic leaders as a guide to what programs we have available.


Geocaching is fast becoming a very popular sport! It combines high-tech gadgets with logo adventure to produce a fun, family-oriented scavenger hunt. It's a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and get a little exercise at the same time.

The WCCB does allow geocaching and, currently, there are eleven caches officially permitted to be hidden in WCCB areas! To find these caches, you need to get the coordinates from, then use a GPS unit to track them down!

The caches that are permitted to be on WCCB property, and their links, are:
Thorpe Park
Enjoy the View!
Dahle Park
Hand on Hogsback
Hang on Tweedy
Cache Settlement
Mr. Trunks
Magnetic Board
Get There
Lande 2
I Love Lucy

If you'd like to place a geocache on WCCB property,
please contact us for permission.
Generally speaking, if the cache is in an appropriate location,
permission will be granted!

If you belong to a civic group, or are a youth group leader, and would like a program
presented to your group, just contact Winnebago County Naturalist Lisa Ralls.

We can help you out!